ok, so i just got into wearing skinny jeans and i got some questions. over time will they lose their skinny? how do i make it last longer? how long should arizona (jcpennys house brand i believe) skinny jeans keep their skinny?

thanks a lot
Skinny jeans usually keep their skinny

Arizona jeans aren't any more likely to wear than a name brand jean. At least, in my experience.
I have no idea what TS is talking about.
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Apparently putting jeans in the freezer makes them skinnier. You could try that if you were worried about them stretching out.
I really dont think they'll lose their fit.

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They won't loose their skinny. You my friend, however, may in fact loose your balls if you put too much pressure on them like that.
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I don't think skinny jeans expand over time.

Skinny jeans are for fags
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I hope they don't lose their skinny so I can always recognize who to punch in the face.
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I don't think skinny jeans expand over time.

Skinny jeans are for fags

i dont think so. unless ur thinking of the jeans a couple posts above urs. skinny jeans are like active pups, after you try them you realize its not as big of a hassle as you thought and it really is merely preference
Male fashion thread? Probably less douches there than a general Pit thread
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