So I'm finishing up my first build and am now working at getting the strings intonated and fixing my saddles because they've been pushed around since I got my tremolo. But I'm putting on the strings and just trying to get them somewhat tuned and just can't seem to get them to all stick to one range. The tremolo leans forward as I tighten them, but If they are too loose the bottom of it sits against the guitar and doesn't float. I have two springs on it now, and am using .009 gauge strings because that's what I use on my other guitar.
Any advice on how to fix this? More springs? Stronger strings?, though I'd prefer not if I don't have to. Any help is appreciated.
My ibanez needs 3 springs for 9's. If the claw screws are as tight as they get and the bridge is still pulling up out of the body add a 3rd spring.


There is no point setting intonation until the guitar is in tune, the bridge is level, the action is where you want it, and the neck relief is right. Changing any of those will change your intonation.
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you might try adjusting the the two screws that are on the inside of the cavity with the springs. the ones that hold the mount that holds the round end of your springs, do it by half turns until its level when you have it in tune, then, given that you have your truss set correctly, you can set the action and do the intonation, but always tune between changes to make sure that you get it set right.
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