sorry i wasnt sure where to put this...

so i was putting the new overkill album on my itunes

anyways everything was working perfectly, all the songs played and stuff, but 1 song(In Vain) is for some reason 45 minutes 55 seconds long...

according to the track listing and wikipedia its only 5:13.

if i play it for the full length of the song starting from the beginning without stopping or skipping forward it goes to the next song at 5:13 in...

but if i skip ahead any length of time it just loops for 45 minutes but skipping the intro every time...

ive tried putting it in itunes again and it did the same thing

ive also tried dragging it from itunes to my desktop and when i do that its back to normal on my desktop, i put it back in itunes and its 45 minutes again.

anyone know whats causing this?

It's because the track probably has a bonus section 30 minutes on like some other albums final track. Best thing to do is go in the information for the song and change the end time to when the main song ends.
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rip it with windows media player instead.
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as i said i didnt know where to put it, you dont have to be a dick