I feel like this board could use more discussion and less help topics. So what's your favorite technique to practice? Personally I find it really fun to practice sweeps and strumming patterns. They're just endlessly entertaining to me.
If improv counts as a technique, then that.

If not... probably my groove/timing/locking in with the drummer. I mean I don't intentionally practice it, but it's a result of jamming with a few different bands.

And if that doesn't count as a technique, I'd probably just have to say fingerstyle because that's usually the technique I use the most.

Although I do like playing with my thumb, especially when combined with palm-muting.

For those middle two things I'm talking mostly about bass, but I guess all of them apply to guitar as well.

Actually on guitar it would be one of the following right-hand techniques:

John Mayer "Neon"
John Mayer "Stop This Train," "Who Says," "Heart of Life."
Derek Trucks

I generally only use these when playing Derek Trucks' music or those JM songs, but they're really fun.
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Pinch harmonics, probably.

Not very original, but meh

Also sweeping. I've improved a whole lot in that. I need to practice improvisation more.
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I like playing with clave rhythms a lot. It helps me get a better sense of feel for things and counting. Anything regarding different times over each other is a fun thing for me to practice.
what i'm currently working on

Playing changes.
specifically (right now) targeting thirds and resolving them to sevenths in cycle 4 progressions.
Triadic Chromatic Approach
playing lines that are made out of triads moving by half step, forming a non permutative line (a line whose resolution cannot be harmonically or melodically predicted),
Walking Bass lines
pretty self explanatory
Mick Goodrick's Counterpoint Studies
and switching fluently between quarter-triplet figures and eighth notes while improvising.
Considering this is a discussion about guitar techniques, it belongs in the guitar techniques forum.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.