This differs from my normal style. Trying to think of a better title for it.

hand picked situations
like a magic ball
used in a haphazard fashion
but they didn't happen

it's such a sad truth
but neither of us will never be the same
we grabbed hold tightly
until the chance to replicate our pipe dream
was taken away
wasn't it there in the first place?

show me your palm
i see you lost grip on a better future
oh how quickly it went wrong

we saw that we were perfect
then we started something meaningful
it was always new and bright, it was never dull
i was something you'd never known
you were something i actually found worthwhile

but as soon as it began, it ended
within a blink of an eye it was different
god, i feel so stupid
well i guess i'll let the next infatuation begin
We're only strays.