Hello all, I've just purchased this product and I'm having a problem getting to hear the audio come out of my speakers. The recording and input devices were automatically set to the m-audio interface so I'm wondering how do I get to hear what I play and even what I may want to hear from simply my computer playback?

P.S. I saw another m-audio thread but I didn't want to hi-jack it because it was of another problem. Sorry!
You could plug your speakers into the output jack on the back of the interface. This would be best as you'll get lower latency playback.

Another way, just plug in headphones to the jack on the front of the interface.

IF you must have audio come out the stock card and though your speakers, you'll need to go into the control panel on Windows and set the playback to your stock sound card instead of the interface.
Thank you, that worked perfectly! Now another question, if I may... How do I hear as I record/play? I can only hear it on playback..
usually on the interface you can monitor the input and sometimes mix the playback of the master to the headphone or line outs on the interface.

I usually set up an aux send to a bus and feed that to my headphones. that way I can make my own custom mix and set it to any level needed for my person hearing while not messing up the levels of the actual mix.

What software are you using?
Right now I'm using Audacity and can't figure out how to use the software to its full potential.. I don't even know how to mess around and add distortion or any other effects onto the guitar..
audacity doesn't really have much features...I highly suggest switching to reaper from the start. You have some basic effect sims for guitar in Reaper as well....Audacity doesn't have any of that from what I know.

If you need a tutorial on Reaper, check this out.

oh and for the playback, go under prefrences and under "Recording" at the list on the left, be sure the first box it checked turning on "Overdub: Play other tracks while recording new one"
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Thank you! For some reason, it isn't reading my M-Audio device. Any quick tips on that?

EDIT: Well, nvm. I got it to read my device by switching the audio system to ASIO but now when I hit OK I get an error message saying there's an error initializing the ASIO driver.. !

EDIT 2: Nvm, my drive was just being dumb on its own. It's now being read very easily. Thank you so much!
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