It's in the guitar skills section in my profile entitled "Cynic - integral (fingerpicking)"

I loved this album and the remakes of the older songs, so I tried to cover my favorite song of the album.
I sang the first verse but then stopped since I couldn't sing like Masdival at all, I tried to emulate that spacey vocal effect but it obviously didn't work, so just focus on the guitar parts. I also changed some parts like in 2:30 and some other sections.

The reason it's in my guitar skills and not on my main mp3 page is because I felt it was incomplete without all the vocals... maybe one day I'll finish it...

Thanks in advance and C4C.
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Really good, I actually like the vocals a lot, they dont sound much like masvidal , but they're still quite good
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Not familiar with the original version of this but it sounds really good. Playing seems faultless, nice tone too btw!