I don't post here very often, and it seems to be only to post material, but whatever, right? So, this has been in production for awhile. I've had everything minus the entire outro for some time, and only just got around to finishing it.

You tell me what it sounds like, I just wrote it and liked it. However, always got to give it to Dallas Green and Shoji Meguro for the overall inspiration.

C4C. Getting back into composition, and want to hear some of UG's stuff.
Here we go:

-The syncopated groove of the first riff should probably give way a bit sooner (like 1 or 2 repeats sooner).
I could see where if it's vocal driven, that you would wanna extend said section or keep it as is.
The melody here is nice tho. I like the old-school post-rock vibe to it. It's what makes this section pop.

-Once the song breaks, it gets to be really good.
That standard verse is great.

-Breakdown/chorus is very memorable for it's sparseness. I'm thinking of writing more minimalist chorus's for the same effect that you got here.

-Verse again. Good.

-That bridge is an excellent gaping point for the Break section. I like the consistent flow it maintains with the rest of the song.

-You've made good use of the intro rhythm in the Break section. They aren't exactly carbon copies of each other, but it makes for a good section.
This where that 2nd wave PHC really shines through. That and the chorus. Both highly enjoyable.

-Outro seems more like a build up towards something larger. I think it's somewhat of an anti-climax. I was expecting a grand release of tension, rather than a build-up of it.

Overall a good song.