Up for sale is the Loaded pickguard pictured with the black output jack included. This is an 18 Volt modded EMG 85 installed in a custom Wolf pickguard with a single volume knob. You will also recieve the output jack and cover so it will be ready to drop straight into your guitar and be ready to go. The 18 volt mod gives you amazing cleans as well as keeping that heavy edge that EMG's are famous for. It is an 11 hole pickguard so for all of you wanting that extreme strat project of your dreams look no further. I will also switch out the two 9 volts to new unsed ones so you dont have to bother. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will answer accordingly. Price is $100 Shipped PP'ed.
Price dropped to sell to keep it from being sold on auction site. 75 shipped and you get everything. EMG,pickguard,outputjack,pots,buss's. You wont find a better deal. Need to sell this piece to fund the purchase of a sd pickup booster for my new rig.
If someone picks this up in the next 3 hours so I can catch this deal on pup booster then I will throw in a free White or Black Dimarzio cliplock strap for free plus a Seiko guitar tuner.