I was writing a song and stumbled accross a scale of some sort that i'm using right now to write a full song, its 1-b2-3-4-5-6 and then i can't decide on a 7 (for better pull towards the 1) or a b7 (so i can use a dominant 1 chord) and i thought maybe i could just alter it depending on ascending and descending kinda like the melodic minor. anyway, is a scale like this already in existence? what would it be called? i like the things i can do with this and the chords available like the 6 can be a major or minor chord and if i remember the song i was writing correctly i think i sed the 4 as an augmented chord and it fit.

discuss? if this is something already in use, could u give me some tips and examples of using the scale? thanks a bunch!

edit: and idk shit abt how scales r usually named but i was thinking this sounds like a "major-phrygrian" or something along those lines, what r the rules for scale-naming o.0 ?
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One explanation is that you're using a flat 2nd to build a Neapolitan chord. Neapolitan's are major chords built off the lowered 2nd. The flat 7th could be from a dominant sound.
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us the major 7 for tension in leads and stuff and use the b7 for chords and melody.

just use everything!!
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