I'm looking for a USB 2.0 interface that has 8+ inputs (preferably 10 or 12 unless they're the XLR-1/4" combo jacks or whatever the technical name for those is) that I can snag for around $200 max and doesn't completely suck. Just need it to record ideas, demos, and probably some jams for my 3 piece band/myself. I'm not willing to look new. No, seriously. I see no point in buying new gear about 99.9% of the time.
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Good luck trying to find something like that for $200...and in USB

The only two USB interfaces with 8 inputs that I know of are the TASCAM US-1641 and Line 6 TonePort UX8 both of which run around $300......and I have no clue how well they work.

Most of the interfaces that are worth spending money on are going to have a firewire out such as the PreSonus FP10, PreSonus Firestudio Project, M-Audio ProFire 2626, MOTU 8pre 16x12, and MOTU 828mk3.
Even the firewire mixers like the Mackie i-series have firewire outs so you can record each track separately without mixing down for better mixing later. but once again, they run quite high in price...

8 inputs is standard for the larger interfaces like the FP10 but you can chain up to 3 of them for a total of 24 inputs.

You're going to have to save up quite a bit more money if you want to record a live band and keep everything on it's own track.
Also think about cables, stands, and mics!

If you are just doing demos, you can get by with a single field recorder like the Zoom H2 or H4 placed in the middle of the room.
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I'm not willing to look new. No, seriously. I see no point in buying new gear about 99.9% of the time.

Your challenge, even here, is two-fold.

1. Limited number of USB devices that actually meet the criteria you specified. Seriously... why not Firewire? You can get a firewire card for, like, $20 if your computer doesn't already have one, and you expand your range of options measurably.

2. The larger multi-channel firewire devices are generally newer technology. The newer the technology, the less likely they are to be on the used market *already.* Compound that with the fact that, when they first came out especially, they were quite expensive. The unit I just ordered (Steinberg MR816X) was $1200 only two years ago. It's $800 now. My point is that if someone paid $1200 for something four years ago, they're going to be really reluctant to give it away for $200 so soon. What about looking at somewhat older technologies? I just sold a Delta 1010 for $300. Not USB or Firewire, but PCI, which is ironically, faster than both other formats. Eight analog ins/outs and two digital ins/outs.

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