I'm not new to playing gigs regularly, and I already know it's time to start hitting the gym again, eating right, etc. I usually avoid alcohol before I play, and I'm nice and stretched. However, I can't seem to avoid a) a terrible physical burnout after a show (sometimes followed by vomiting!!!), and b) being winded during the show. Granted, my band plays a very high impact style of death metal, and thus there's a lot of stage movement and headbanging. Still though, I don't like the feeling of being completely wiped and having my nerves shot when I probably exert myself more when I do gym it.

Besides the obvious lifestyle changes, do you have any tips for having and maintaining maximum energy?
Don't headbang so heavily, and calm the hell down on your slower songs is all I could tell you. Aerobic activity like running will improve your endurance on stage more than any activity in a gym (aside from exercise bikes and treadmills) will net you.
Definately try going running to improve your endurance.
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High-impact cardio workouts.
Also, make sure you are hydrated. Most people, musician or otherwise, do not drink nearly enough water.
Beyond that, there's nothing much you can do except work on your breathing. The exercise should help with that, but learn the breathing techniques that singers use to make the most out of each breath.
I usually make sure that I've eaten a big meal before a lengthy gig, because it sucks to be hungry and play.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
When you practice at home and with your band play in the same way that you would on stage for long periods of time. You're not training to be an athlete but you should try and be fairly fit. The drummer in my old band was really fat and we played really fast thrash. We'd get through a few songs and he'd be completely gassed.

Slow it down in the middle too. Start off energetic as possible and once the crowd starts to calm down then you can do so as well. Speed up at the end.
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The very best way of building up stamina for playing gigs is to, (surprise surprise), play lots of gigs.

Also, drink lots of water on stage, dehydration causes a lot of the 'burnout' feeling after a show.
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Hydration is the most important, can't stress this enough. As far as working out goes, if you are indeed out of shape, then try doing some cardio... make it as fun for yourself as possible. I've run cross-country all four years in high school and the only thing I liked about it was getting to see the great scenery around where I lived and how I got to rest going down hills :P

Anyways, that and having a decent meal at some point during the day/ the night before to get some form of calories and energy in you will help keep you from crashing.
I play a lot of gigs with my band, and while we aren't 'high impact death metal,' we play heavy shit, and I like to go a little insane.

Have multiple water bottles on stage. The longer your set, the more bottles. It isn't fun to yell at a techie to fill it back up.

Eat before the show, especially if it's a long one. Part of the vomiting may be that you were doing too much exercise on an empty stomach.

If you have long hair, don't head-bang as intensely. I have longer hair than anybody in my band (everybody else actually has really short hair), so I don't need to move my head as much as they do for it to look impressive.

Once in a while, just strike a pose and stay there. Look at your fretboard, make faces at the audience. Even during your most intense songs, doing this will give you a break, and also a chance to look more 'metal' than if you're just doing high-intensity cardio the whole time.
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dont drink energy drink, i find them coming back up halfway through a set. Have plenty of water for a hour before you go on and have it ready on stage while you are playing.

i never put 2 and 2 together, but when my band plays im the least sweaty, never winded one. i run alot, and long distances(5-10 miles is norm). i still smoke, drink, etc but im the only one who does any cardio workouts.

and water helps. i just started trying to make sure i drink as i do before a long run and my muscles dont cramp as much, or get sore while playing. half is conditioning i bet, but it helps
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