I'm trying to sell a Boss DD5 with the FS-5U switch for it. On ebay the DD5 is usually 115ish plus shipping, and the FS-FU is about 20 shipped. I've been asking for 100 shipped (or just 100 locally, since shipping should be pretty cheap), and the only offers I've gotten have been trade (appreciated, but I need the cash badly right now) or lowball. Am I asking too much? And if so, what should I expect to get?
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You can usually expect to immediately get answers if you post the item for about 60%-65% of what it's actually worth. So you'll probably sell it at around $85 at max. But that's also assuming that the people wanting to buy it know what it is and what it's worth.
I personally have no idea what that pedal does, so I wouldn't know what it's worth. And unless I'm specifically looking for a pedal, I won't know how much it is new, so I wouldn't know that that's a good deal for the pedal.

But that's my 2 cents, and it's worked for me before. Good luck selling it!!!
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Anyone else have thoughts?
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Gonna have to agree with Fantum, here. It doesn't just go for just guitar gear, either. If you're selling /anything/ on eBay, you're gonna end up selling it less than its worth (around 70% or so). I'd say if you WANT $100 for it, start the bidding at or around $50, and let people swarm for it. Low prices will make people more willing to buy it (Woh, dude. That guy's selling that pedal SO EFFING CHEAP! *swarm swarm swarm*).

Take or leave the advice, but either way I hope you're able to sell it!
i think $100 is fair for a pedal like that. probably 80% of people who will respond to the ad will be lowballers. it all comes down to how willing you are to let go of the pedal, and how desperate you are for cash.

I saw an early Visual sound H2O slowly go from $150 to $90 in two weeks because the seller needed the cashola. there are plenty of people who are probably waiting for you to do the same thing. that's why I always list my gear for more than I expect to get. then, you're buyer thinks he's bargained like a pro, and you get the money you want.
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Moving gear for the last few months has been real tough. Generally amps that used to go for around $1000 used are now going for around $800. I imagine the same goes for pedals. People just don't have tons of expendable cash at the moment so the market has shrunk. If you absolutely have to sell it get as much as you can for it, but theres a fine line between it being out of peoples price range and being something they'd drop cash on at the moment. Good luck