I mainly made this for myself but then I thought other people out there need help learning how to develop perfect pitch and to know where notes are on the guitar, piano, and sheet music. It isn't exactly high quality recording but the notes played on the piano aren't distorted.

I play each note six times or so while the listener hums that pitch and guesses where the note is on the guitar, the piano, and the score. Then I tell you what note it is (C#) and where to find it on the guitar and the score. On the mp3 player, it will say C#4 for instance which is where it is on the keyboard.

You can just listen to it anytime; you could try to listen to it while you’re sleeping. Listen to it and play the notes on the guitar or piano.

I just made it recently and my ipod broke so I haven’t been able to test it out for a long time but let me know if you’re interested.