The guitar sounds kinda distant, like the mic was in another room or something. When you mic a guitar cabinet it's ok to put the mic really close to the speaker. I even put it up against the grillecloth sometimes. You want it about halfway between the edge of the cone and the dust cap. Angle it towards the center for more treble, towards the edge of the cone for more low end. This should get you a pretty decent tone to start with and go from there.

For the vocals, you need to project your voice more. It sounds like you're singing to yourself and not to the listener. Also, practice singing while playing more often, as there are a few parts where your voice and guitar kinda go out of sync for a second.

You look pretty young in your pics so I'd say overall you did a decent job. It's definitely a much better recording than the tape-recorder-in-the-middle-of-the-room method I used when I was your age lol.
Work on your tone!
Blues isn't hard to play, but it is hard to feel.

-Someone on the forum