I've been so used to playing cheap strings for years, usually DR Dimebag signatures, heavy gauges. I've played a 14G set before and been comfortable with it. But I need change, lol. Had a pack of cleartones on there for the past several months and they're finally saying enough. Tone darkened quite a bit a couple months back but still several months longer than the DR's.

I've been hearing Elixirs glorified to be the strings of God himself. Have not tried them, however. I was very satisfied with the Cleartones but I was also thinking of downsizing on string gauge. Played light strings before, I refuse to play Ernie Balls or anything in a super light gauging, has to be at LEAST 10-46. But I was thinking of trying some Elixir Polyweb 10-46's.

Question is this.

Polyweb or Nanoweb? What are the major differences? From what I've gathered, the Polywebs are much quieter coated strings resulting in less noise from sliding your fingers across the strings, which definitely sounds nice. But the Nanowebs from what I've gathered here are have a more classic bright tone over the Polys, and have that natural uncoated feel to them.

I know strings are all a matter of personal preference, but half the time I can't even afford to eat, I'm 5'6 and down to 114 with clothes on ffs lol. Once I get a set I'm stuck with em for a good minute, so I'd like to get some testimonials here on what you guys prefer. Classic bright and noisy, or quiet coated clean? Thanks, every little tidbit of info helps.
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i have tried both and prefer nano's for the tone. The poly's coat is really obvious (you can see the whiteish film and the strings will go furry quite quickly in my experience)
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Elixir's aren't anything special, and the Nanowebs are only really used for electric.
You'll have a bit of trouble doing bends on the Polywebs, they'll make it feel like you've gone up a string gauge or two.

Have a look at the Optima 24-carat gold plated strings. They cost the same as Elixirs and last just as long but without the annoying 'fluff' you get as the coating wears off, and the slightly stiff feeling on bends.