Hey guys,
Just got my hands on a Line 6 UX2, so I decided to compose a song. It's progressive metal, but rather heavier than most prog. Will be happy to crit for crit, let me know what you think!

Cheers =)

PS. The song is on my profile, called "Autumn Awakens".
Most of my grindcore inspiration comes from my hard drive.
Interesting intro guitar tone. Audio quality is very good so far. Now high gain rhythm guitar is starting: I would probably back off on the distortion/gain a little bit. Is there electric bass in this song? Drums sound good. Guitar at around 4:15 sounds a bit flat pitch wise for a few seconds, not sure why,...now it sounds fine. Otherwise, all of the guitar playing is good. Other than lacking electric bass, it's mostly a good recording! Please review my music at this link:

Clean guitar intro reminds me a bit of Opeth. Love the composition on this part. Can't decide about the tone - on one hand, it does sound rather cool, on another, I'm thinking that maybe the beautiful music would work better with a more clean sound, maybe even an acoustic guitar. Synths starting now, very ominous, very cool. Drums come in, and a pretty cool riff. Now another riff, which sounds very original, and cool. Guitar tone is good. Snare could use some work, but otherwise the drum sounds are good too. Now a part in half-time, with a solo guitar. Awesome solo, and a great solo tone too. And now the riff comes back, but with some harmonizing, I think. Really good idea. Now the double bass kicks in, I'm not too crazy about it, but, it's not like it ruins the song. Clean part now - again, I love the composition of these parts, beautiful harmony. Drums come in, and I feel that they are just a little too intense for the music here, especially when the beautiful solo kicks in. And it ends on some cool synth sound.

All in all, I thought this was awesome. I especially liked both the solos, and the clean parts. My only complaints would be that the drums need some work - the snare sounds a little too dry, and could also use some equalization. Also, as I mentioned, the drums felt a bit too intense in the second clean part. In a way, I also felt that the first clean part was a bit too long, but it's hard to say what you should remove, 'cause all of it is really good.

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