So......Ive got some money for my birthday($100 USD), and I am getting some bass stuff.

My rig:

Schecter Diamond P 4 string

Fender Rumble 75(has a so-so onboard overdrive)

DOD Compression Pedal

My music types:

Contemporary praise and worship(chris tomlin, israel houston, hillsong united, etc).

Christian Heavier rock/metal


I was thinking of getting the boss GEB-7 EQ pedal. I have heard that using this pedal with a bass with passive pickups will give you a sound at about that of a bass with active pickups. Also, what other benefits would this provide over my amp's EQ? Do I then zero out my amp's eq and just run EQ from the pedal? Do yall recommend going this route? For my music styles, would there be another recommended direction? Lastly, if i go this route, should I put the EQ pedal before or after my compression pedal?

Sorry for all the questions(i know there are some answers out there already, but none in my same context), but help would be VERY greatly appreciated.
Quote by mauler5858
Do I then zero out my amp's eq and just run EQ from the pedal?

Im not an expert on EQ, but as far as im aware no matter what EQs you use you set them all in turn, setting them in the middle then adjusting to taste from least band to most band. For example, set all other EQs at 12 o clock, 5/10 or w/e. In the middle. Adjust your bass tone knob if you have one to taste. Find a nice tone with that. Then adjust the EQ with the fewest bands. As your amp im guessing has either 3 or 4 band, this has the next fewest. Adjust this to taste, leaving your EQ off. Once you have a nice sound, fine tune it with the pedal. If you were, for example, to then go and get a 30 band EQ, that would be last as it has the most bands. Hope this makes sense.
Can someone else who uses EQ pedals more verify this, as i tend to just use my amp EQ, but i read this somewhere.
With the "standard chain" the eq should be after compression. There is no right or wrong way as long as you ar achieving your tone!