I actually found it on craigslist wed night. Had it shipped and totally forgot I ordered it when the UPS guy knocked on my door yesterday afternoon. I needed a 7 strg since all I have are 6's.
This thing plays great, in great shape as well.Has low action, pickups dont sound too muddy, may swap them out later on possibly. Love the low chugs lol. Cant wait to learn some meshuggah later. Love the thin neck like most RG's have. ANyway, here are some pics.

And my favorite thing about this deal, I scored it for 150 bucks, and when I got it, I got some better news......Its a MIJ model......**** yeah

Also the night before I went to the American Carnage tour, and found my old ticket from 10 years ago when I saw megadeth and anthrax and motley crue play together.

I took tons of photos from the concert, I will post them up later.
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Very nice mate, have one of those myself. I think the pickups do get a bit muddy, keep planning to swap them out but never getting round to it
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Meshuggah plays 8-strings, brah.

Still, awesome deal, awesome guitar. HNGD!
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Dude wtf, you realize you just got a ridiculous deal on that? MIJ? sigh. Good catch man, wish something like that would happen to me!
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