Hey, I keep getting annoying texts from Orange. Anyone else get this? Promoting movies, deals ect. Always from numbers lke 20002, or 202020, oe 20020. It's so annoying.

Anyone know how to cancel these texts? I get so annoyed when I'm expecting a text from a friend and its just orange
I came into this thread wondering why Orange Amps was sending you info about movies and the such, but it all makes sense now.
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I'd like Orange to send me some messages, at least then I would know if the bloody network is working.
I just googled one of the numbers that one text came from...they call them Monkey Messages. That's just rubbing salt in the wounds.
oooh so now you have Annoying Orange in your celll phone. do you get it?? annoying, irange, (stupid laugh)
is orange a phone company or something?
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