with no sidewalk
do i tread on fresh cut grass
or walk softly across the pavement
headlights flash
saying, move aside
how can i with no where to go?
flashlights shine
shouting please get off
how can i with no where to go?

and i take a left down the rollercoaster-like hill
and eyes glaze over the field
memories of the night where we sat
half drunk trying to sober up before you left
and Michael was off talking to the girls
and god knows what Skinner was doing
and we held hands and walked home
we had a home.

the swing set sways ghostly
and older tomes are re opened
the day after your prom, sitting in the shade
new camera flashing pictures
swings dancing as Chelsea and J talked
Frisbees were thrown, and laughs echoed
the trees canopied us quicker than blankets on a cold day
i gave you something that day,
and it was more than the present

and headlights shine across my window
as i am thinking, day-in night-out
painting orbs onto old photographs
just so i can feel less alone
and it's not only that I miss you
but feeling stranded can take a lot out of someone
everyone is gone, and i sit

i'll be okay, just don't give up on me
i'll be okay
this one is for you.