I'm new to this forum and a new-ish guitarist and i wanted to figure out the brand of the guitar they are playing in this video. I can't read the headstock at all. I assume it is a simple because it only has one pick up. I guess it is either a custom or a 80s guitar?

Please help me if you can thank you

This is the link http://www.vimeo.com/13368628
Danelectro as far as I can tell, don't know enough about them to give you an exact model though.

Hope that helps.
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i think its a gretsch. also it looks like it has 2 pickups
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I KNow it is the guitar Rostam Batmanglij plays in Vampire Weekend. I'm not a huge fan of there's i just saw one of the music videos... anyways I like the guitar, alot i don't know if that helps anyone.

Here is the Link "Giving up the Gun" it has the guitar in it you have to wait a second to see it. thanks to anyone who finds it

^^^ i don't know if it's a Danelectro it is similar but the headstock say S..something. THanks to anyone that can find it
Dunno about the first link, but the one in the vampire weekend on is a bass. Couldn't tell the name on the headstock but only saw four tuners.

Maybe Take your question over to bass forum?

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