I just won an auction for a Laguna LG6CEOVK for about $270 including shipping.
I was wondering if this was a good buy, because I can get Laguna LG300CE for about the same price.
The retail price of the LG6CEOVK is $700 and LG300CE is about $400.

Both are solid spruce tops.

The main differences:

-Ovangkol back and sides
-Fishman Prefix Plus T Preamp
-Grand Orchestra Size

-Mahogany back and sides
-Fishman Aero Electronics
-Grand Auditorium Size

Did I make the right choice getting the LG6CEOVK?
What's the difference between the Aero and Prefix Plus T?
Is the Grand Orchestra smaller than the Grand auditorium?

i looked up the guitars - they both have a 15.25" lower bout. ovangkol is usually warmer than mahogany, but hard to know how much difference there would be since they're laminate back and sides.

i don't know the preamps, but the one in the guitar you bought sells for $300ish, where i can't find the one in the cheaper guitar selling separately outside of a guitar. in my experience, the ones that you don't see for sale outside a guitar are lower quality.

btw, here's the specs on the prefix plus T

while i wouldn't have bought either, lagunas are surprisingly good guitars when i try them at gc.
Yea, so I just viewed some pictures of the preamps and the prefix plus T looks alot more sophisticated, so I'm going to assume that it's of better quality.

What are the differences between Grand Auditorium and Grand Concert?
in this case, probably none. like i said, both guitars have the same size lower bout, so they're pretty much the same size.