do any of u guys have any suggestions for bands similar to RHCP? it's not like im tired of them, but i need something new... - but something in their style
thanks ppl
You could try screaming headless torsos. Imagine RHCP but blacker, funkier and a bit more virtuosoistic (...yes, virtuosoistic)
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If you like their older stuff, try Screaming Headless Torsos, Infectious Grooves, Rage Against the Machine, Primus, P-Funk, and early Incubus (if you like the newer chili peppers then try newer Incubus).
John Frusciante's solo stuff has been good - check out To Record Only Water For Ten Days and Curtains. Plus there was the Ataxia album, Automatic Writing.
I've got basically all of Frusciante's solo stuff, but thanx for the Ataxia album tis nice. Incubus is also really good. Rage Against the Machine is not so bad, but it's more into metal... SHT is nice as well - funky stuff. Thanks for all the suggestions guys if you got any other ideas, I'm here
Mr. Bungle, Faith No More. Mars Volta if you want more Frusciante.
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