Hey guys. First off, I'm looking for a pedal to buy. Pretty vague huh?

I've decided that I want to buy one of the following since I can't get them all at once.

-Boss BD2
-Big Muff Pi or Little Big Muff Pi
-Vox Wah

This will be my first pedal.

I like to listen to older stuff that is harder rock or really bluesy. Or just sounds nice. When I play, I like to play more bluesy sounds and I usually play along with Hendrix songs. I want to get the Vox wah but what do you guys think I should get? Or do you think I should get a different pedal, like something that's wah but not Vox. Also, which do you think is better, the lil big muff or the regular? I heard that they're almost the same and that the little version is a bit cheaper.

PS, this is to help keep me motivated and there is no way I can justify upgrading my amp first.

Thanks. If I was unclear about something, please ask.
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If you're looking for a Wah-Wah definitely look at the Fulltone Clyde. Go deluxe if you can push to it.
Don't get the Dunlop Wylde Wah
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