Ok I don't really know anything about guitars (i just bought my 1st one about a week ago its some no name sx bass) but my friend said they would sell me this for $50

all they could tell me was that it was Made in mexico and they have barley used it

if you could tell me how much it is actually worth and the model or something that would be great
i havent bought it yet its the picture they sent me

like i said i just got into this guitar thing and i dont know anything about it
Mexican Fender for $50? Buy it. Buy it now.
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BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY. Then sell it to me for $100 and you just made a $50 profit
Looks like a custom paint job on the body and pickguard, or at least stickers.

Still, if its an MIM Fender, $50 is the deal of the year
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Certainly looks like a Fender name on the headstock.

Skeet UK is awesome, he can get WD Music parts discounted.
Buy it. Buy it now. Then strip the stickers/paint off of it. They look ridiculous.
thanks guys i just have one more question

would the neck bolt say fender or not?

and im definitely going to try and get the vinyl stickers off without damaging the paint and probably get a black pick guard

the only problem i could see with it was its missing 2 bushings but those are cheap and easy to find
Even if it's a Squier body and a Fender neck it's worth well over $50.

Seriously, don't post again until you've bought it!

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I feel compelled to point out the name on the gig bag in the first pic, I'd love to go shop there
i did buy it that how i poster a picture of the neck

the fret board feels amazing

i took the blue sticker off and im probably getting a black pick guard for it
grats man. I say go for a W/B/W pick guard. would look more classy IMO.

actually nevermind. go B/W/B
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Man, that is a steal. Assuming it's a MIM Jazz (which it's pretty much been established that it is), you paid $370 less for it than I did for mine, plus the hundreds of dollars in upgrades that I put into it (defretting, new pickups, new bridge, etc.).

Get a Leo Quan bridge thrown on there and maybe some new pickups (they don't last long, trust me) and that'll be a solid sounding bass. Even as it is now, just stock, it's still a worthy investment. Good buy, man.

Oh, and leave the thumb rest. They look cool, and are quite useful.
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