I have this classical guitar piece I want to play i saw this guy on youtube playing it but when he was playing it he was tapping on the tabs i found it just goes
B---12 13 12--------12 13 12 for a little while and i want to know how i can take what i have and play it in tapping form.
Donnell McKnignt
If I read your question correctly (which I may have not), you could just tap the the 13th fret note on the B string and the 14th fret note on the E string while picking the other notes or you could play it all one string.
On the B string it would be 12, 13, 12, t17, 12, 13, 12, t19
Or on the E string it would be 7, 8, 7, t12, 7,8,7,t14
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Move the notes on the E string to the B and tap them.
So just move them up 5 and put on the B string.
B---12h 13p 12h 17-------12h 13p 12h 19
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