Hello everyone, I have recently picked up guitar, and told myself that if I kept with it for a month playing at least 30+minutes a day, that I would get a nicer guitar than what I have now(one of my parent's $60 ones, neither of them play). I was looking for guitars today and saw this is one of the highest rated, and I have been researching it. I want a guitar around $350, acoustic, and this one looks like it fits the bill. I like how it looks and im considering purchasing it.

Is it a nice guitar? Are there any major cons I should know about? Does it being electric make it sound worse when its not plugged in? I also have an electric guitar amp at my house, can I plug an acousting electric into a normal electric guitar amp? Thanks

Well, it is definitely not the best acoustic that money can buy, but I am sure it will work for you. You'll want to get yourself a state of the art guitar after you've had several good years of practice under your belt. I myself have had good experiences with Ibanez acoustics, they are pretty easy on the fingers, they sound good. I'd say go for it, but i would also say that it is worth a trip to your local guitar shop. While you are there, play as many guitars as you can. See what works the best for you, and then make your final decision based upon that.
The guitar isn't bad, but the price is a bit much if your a true beginner. If your going to make a habit out of playing the guitar, then go for it. But a lot of people try the guitar and then realize they don't like it, so don't shell out too much money just in case.
it's not a great guitar - unplugged it doesn't sound that good. do you have to have electronics? the thing is that since electronics cost money, a $350 acoustic electric will be a lower quality guitar than a $350 straight up acoustic.
No, it doesn't have to be electronics at all, a normal acoustic would be just as worth it for me. Anything in that price range that is a good guitar is what im looking for
If I were you I'd go for the Epiphone Hummingbird Artist. It has a solid spruce top and is a really nice looking guitar in any of the colors. I've played them and they sound awesome. It's only $250 so you could use the other $100 you have budgeted to get a professional set-up with a bone nut and saddle also installed. Believe me that will make a world of difference to the ease of play and the sound of the guitar and make you excited to keep it up!
the seagull s6 sounds really really good. if you can go $400, you can't do better than a seagull s6, actually - good build quality, nice finish, fast customer service and the best sounding solid top guitar around. in my experienced (and humble) opinion

the epi hummingbird doesn't sound too good to me - it's not really bad, but it doesn't sing like some of its competitors. also epihone's qc isn't as consistant as brands like yamaha and seagull.
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the original s6 is my preference but the s6 slim is the same guitar with a slim neck. for me, the wider neck of the original s6 is the easiest playing, most comfortable to play guitar neck ever.
yes, they do. i prefer the fg730s, but there are several others in the yamaha fg700 series that are worth trying.

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Yamaha FG series deserves a look for strictly acoustic.
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nice choice. it's well made, solid top, great gloss finish, and with the right strings, it sounds really good

Hey, just ordered it

What do you mean right strings? Are there strings that I should buy to replace the stock ones?
what strings are best to your ears will depend on your own preferences. i used regular d'addario lights on mine and loved the sound. i don't love the yamaha strings they come with.
Hey so it arrived in the mail yesterday and I love it Thanks a lot for the help. I went out and bought phosphor bronze medium d'addario strings and im debating replacing the stock yamaha ones. Is it worth it?
yes. its worth it. but if you're a true beginner might as well try the light ones so your fingers wont hurt.
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