Thats pretty dope dude. Lacks way too much low end though. The kick drum needs some more meat, I can't hear it at all, and get some deeper bass going on, maybe a sub.

Excellent effort though man!



EDIT: Sorry, I replied before we got to the second drop

its works alot better with the bass tying it together. Maybe just try making it a tad more interesting with filters, or some distortion? Kick comment still applies though.
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Really liked this. Great production skills.

Agree with aaron on the kick sounding weak. Also didnt like that synth that played the high parts that came in from time to time, im not a fan of the sound of it and it was too loud for my liking. Also felt the 2nd build up had too much empty space that could have been nicely filled with pads.

http://soundcloud.com/user1363941 Could you give my dubstep tune a listen if you get time? Shit compared to yours but im trying
Not familiar with the original song. Sounds very good, but the synth at around 1:00 is way too loud in my opinion. Since this is a re-mix it's hard for me to comment on what you have created, not sure how much you altered it from the original. Nice song though. Wouldn't hurt if you supplied a link (not sure if it's on youtube) to the original song for comparision. Please review my music at this link: