Well I wouldn't exactly call it halfway through 'transition'since I've had my 5er for quite a while now but do other forumers find that they feel a lot more comfortable escorting their fingers around a 4 string neck after playing 5 for quite a while? Have you stuck with 5 or did you change back/to 4?

Side note: Has anyone played the Schecter P customs? For what you get it seems like really good value for money

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I started with a five. I still play a 5. I can play a 4, it's a little uncomfortable because the strings feel soooo for apart though.

Guitar=Close strings
My 5'er=Close strings
Most 4 stringers= String FAR away

EDIT: I can jump between them fine too but if i had a choice i'd definelty chooose 5.
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I can jump between my Ibanez SR505 and my mate's Fender P pretty easily.
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i go from guitar to bass all the time. some times ukulele to 4 string to 6 string bass to guitar to acoustic... butyeah playing things on a 4 is easier than a 6 some times. mostly if there is a lot of string jumping. the High C gets in the way everynow and then.
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