I'm actually pretty interested in this as it sounds like it could really nail some of those harsher vintage fuzz tones, like you hear on King Crimson records. It also sounds really good at getting Radiohead type tones. It's like a cross between a Shredmaster and Tonebender, that turns into a Fender Blender at high settings.

The Rocket has trem in it. The Electric Brown and LP are overdrive pedals, not fuzz. The Devistortion too. There's also a photo eye and feedback lop.

Devi is pretty much about Fuzz, it's her thing. Keep in mind there are lots of different fuzz that can have different effects in of themselves, scrambling, ring mod kind of effects, synthy effects, etc.

I think she's making a bi-phase clone and a delay at some point.
the Rocket doesn't actully have tremolo, it's just a side effect of the fuzz. it's like when you ring out two harmonics that aren't quite in tune.
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Ah right. I haven't actually heard the trem effect so I wasn't sure what it was. Though of course real trem wouldn't that unusual since it'd just be variating volume or gain.