so i learned my scales, basic chords, etc and was very content with my guitar playing, i was having fun. i could never (and still cant) play anything fast at all, but i kinda figured "oh well, i guess playing fast isnt for me"

but yesterday while i was hanging out with some friends, one of them played a bit of the stairway solo (this story feels horrible cliched) and my other friend was like "you need to teach me that thats awesome". so i kinda watched them play it and mess around with it a bit. when i got home i looked up a video tutorial, and tried to learn just maybe the first 7 or so seconds of the solo, and i kept ****ing it up. im seriously disappointed in myself, especially because the related videos were 10 year olds playing it

what should i do to increase my speed, or whatever you think i should do
Metronomes are very useful. Learn the solo very slowly, then gradually build speed. I guarantee you will be playing it twice as well if you learn to get it cleanly with a metronome.
You guarantee it, hey? That's a big call.
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You guarantee it, hey? That's a big call.
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TS, I 2nd the metronome technique that Dio10101 suggested. It really does work. Try it and see. Practice for a few weeks with a metronome and see then how much better you can play it.
Dude I can ****ing relate, that was what i was going through a few years ago. The thing about the metronome is very true, it helps in almost every aspect of guitar playing.
I also recommend you try to figure out what method of practice is best for you. I usually worry about memorizing the piece first then I focus on getting the rhythm right and then I build up the speed. Speed doesn't just come from moving your hands really fast but how comfortable you are with what you are playing. I do this one measure at a time, no more than a measure at a time for me.
On the other hand my roommate who's a music teacher swears by the idea that if he learns a piece backwards he can have it memorized and it becomes a lot easier for him to get the rhythm and everything else correct.
My point isn't to tell you what to do, it's to show you that different people learn different ways, some people faster than others. Experiment with the way you practice, and instead of being discouraged, become analytical: am I not getting it because my rhythm is shaky, or is it because I don't know the piece well enough, or am is my technique off a bit? It's just the way it is but no amount of natural skill alone can overshadow hard work. So keep plugging away man. Set realistic goals and you'll be getting to where you wanna be sooner than later.
Try not to focus on setting speed goals and just focus on getting everything as clean as possible.
You properly heard this alot but its 100% true

I had speed troubles for a pretty long time and it got very frustrating always trying to improve speed, as soon as i started to focus playing cleanly and accurately I gained alot of speed through accuracy and control.

To gain speed use a metronome, try playing the solo as comfortable (effortlessly) as you can at slower speed and play the part maybe 7-8 times without messing up once then try and push the BPM by 2-3 BPM.

Good luck.