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Animals are better beings
3 38%
Humans are better beings
5 63%
Voters: 8.
Through a combination of reading Aesop's Fables, almost buying Animal Farm today, and seeing a "study" I'll talk about later, I've been doing a lot of thinking about animals. I've noticed a disturbing trend. People are saying other humans are worthless pieces of garbage not worthy to wipe the asses of serial rapists, while animals are perfect beings that god personally sculpted out of diamonds.

I read on another forum, the name of which I chose not to remember, that the poster had to watch two videos in a psych class he was taking. The first was of a man beating his wife, the second was of a man beating a dog. The class got all in an uproar at the dog one, not so much at the wife one. Now this might not be true, but I've definitely observed on here and IRL that people care way more about animals than people.

People with the 'animals are better than people' mindset are idiots. Discuss your/my views.
holy cow! you're right!
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Animals are more innocent than people. I've never seen a dog betray its master, but I have seen the other way round.
I'm rgrockr and I do not approve of this message.
Animals act on instinct. Humans act on thoughts and feelings. What more needs to be said, other than I wish more people would think before they feel?
Quote by slipknot5678
Both just try to live, both do bad/good things. Neither are better.

But, cockatoos>anteaters.

o shit... its about to go down
1) "Better" is a purely human concept,
2) Humans are nothing but sentient and evolved animals.

We try to mate and survive just like any animal. Except, we are a thousand times more powerful than the most threatening animal. Hence the global catastrophes and other genocides.

"L'esclave parfait est celui qui croit être libre."

Quote by genghisgandhi
But we're VERY different. If I asked "What cookie is better, Chocolate Chip, or Sugar?" you wouldn't say 'Ummm... they're BOTH cookies.'

but if i said "hey which is an animal, a cat or a dog?" you would say theyr both animals...
We both live on this planet together. This question is pretty lame.
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