So im a beginner solo-er on guitar. i have speed and fingering down but heres the thing, all of my solo's ( u know the ones u just play to mess around) are very repetative. i jst float around minor pentatonic, and the blues pentatonic. every solo i do sounds at one point or another the same, what other scaled or patterns are gonna help me out?
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The dorian mode.

So you're aiming to solo fast and shred-like? Check out videos by Malmsteen, Petrucci et al.
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StArt learning the major scales. Ionian and Phrygian Are good. To start with. Also learn the harmonic minor and melodic minor they sound great and will teach you some great lead shapes. Try learning to play them in different octaves also. And just practice practice practice.
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Consciously keep yourself from playing the same licks. I know that sounds kind of dumb but...sometimes dumb is the answer

A lot of times I played, I'd throw on a random track and just improvise (hey we all hope we'll land on something badass if we just let loose and play), but I often found myself playing very repetitively or throwing in really similar licks -- you know, there's just some specific licks and scales my fingers seem to be magically attracted to. The only way I got away from that was turning the backing track off and consciously sitting there, making myself play differently and avoiding those generic, "common" licks I always got sucked into.