I have a Crate VC 50 212 combo and I want to split the amp and speakers so as to make it a halfstack/ head into a 212 cab/ whatever...for good reasons other than just to have a stack.
Anyways, I disassembled it, unplugging just the reverb tank and the wires going from the amp to the first speaker, took some measurements, and put it back together. Now I get no signal. It powers up, tubes are glowing, and there is faint humming coming from the speakers, but no sound.
At first I thought I misplugged the reverb cables, interrupting the signal chain, so I switched them. Still nothing. Then I thought I did the speaker wires backwards, so I swapped them. STILL nothing. Does anyone know of anything I didn't think to do? Or did I totally screw it up and need to take it in for repair?

This has happened before, right after I bought it. I knew nothing about tubes and the salesman suggested I replace the tubes (it was used). He pointed to what I found out were two of the power amp tubes and told me to replace them with preamp tubes. No sound, returned it, and they sent it in for repairs

A little technical info...
-Amp to speaker, there is a green wire and a black wire; from speaker to speaker is a red wire and black wire.
-Amp to reverb input is a gray cable...reverb output to amp is another gray cable.

Thanks! It'll be much appreciated if I can get it working again!
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What do you mean putting preamp tubes in the output???? Those have EL84's in the output iirc. It is possible to physically put preamp tubes like 12AX7's in the same socket but you shouldn't do it. Check what is written on the output tubes.
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The salesman told me to replace two of the EL84's with 12AX7's. When I bought it there was a noticeable volume dip. He looked in the back and, I'm thinking, he saw the 4 EL84 tubes and thought that those were all the tubes...the 12AX7's were covers...and said to replace two of them. When I did that, it smoked a bit and then I loss tone. Like I said, I didn't know anything about tubes at the time (still don't really), but I'm thinking he didn't either. But yes, it is physically possible, the tubes fit in the socket, but like you said, bad idea. Huge mistake.
Anyways, that was a while ago, it's been working for the last few months, then last night I wasn't getting tone from it. I'm assuming the earlier incident with the tubes blew the fuse, and I'm hoping that that's it is now.
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