My guitar is in horrible condition and i recently started trying to fix it.
i replaced a switch and now i got sound again so now i just got to fix
fret buzz, intonation and whatever else you guys think i should give a look at
to give me the best sound and playability out of the guitar.
so my question to begin fixing my guitar is, can i set the intonation on my guitar with
cheap tuner that i have on my computer that requires me to use my usb mic to pick up
my guitar? or should i wait until i get an actually tuner and then try it then?
all advice and input will be much appreciated.
well cheap tuner usually means inaccurracy so you can do it but i recomend you get a decent chromatic tuner their like 2o bucks anyway
Yeah dude, little Korg or Roland/Boss tuners are great and pretty inexpensive.
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Holy crap, check this out!
How do you think people did it before $150 strobing tuners were invented?
use your ears dawg. you want play guitar... it's about time you started training them
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