Hey guys,

I just got this guitar a few days ago. When I got it the fret work wasn't very good and the pickups didn't sound that nice. I immediately took it into my guitar guy and got Seymour Duncan Jazz Pickups put into the neck position and had the frets leveled. Now it plays amazing! I think the tuners are ok but I'm having new locking tuners put in on both necks. The finish is great on this guitar, it looks great! I'm also going to change the bridge to something more solid and adjustable. Overall, for the money, I think it's a fantastic guitar!

Here's a video of my original song I just recorded on it


Let me know what you think
The amount of awesome is indescribable. Thumbs up from me! Nice guitar and playing!
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HNGD! That finish is awesome, and the sound was great. Nice guitar work too, that looked like it was probably really fun to write.
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Wow, amazing playing. I'm incredibly jealous.

Well thank you, I am now obsessed with this composition. Time to download! If I had any money I would absolutely donate to you.. You deserve every penny.
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Very very nice dude. Extremely impressive.
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Holy crap, check this out!
I hate dean but that's one good lookin' guitar.
Great playing too. Wish I could write music like that.
If you applied your talent to the genre, you could probably revolutionize thrash metal and bring the world down to it's knees.
Happy new guitar day.

Edit: Oh it just hit me. At first it kind of reminded me of "Crystal Ann" off of "Alice In Hell" by Annihilator.
You should cover it!
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Holy shit that was amazing.

EDIT: Also, downloaded and on my Ipod for nice chilled out relaxing instrumentals.
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Badass song!

Is that a USA or import?

The USA Hardtails are amazing. Put PRS to shame IMO.
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the song was absolutely amazing! props dude!
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Nice! The beginning kinda reminds me of Metallica's Call of Ktulu.
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Spectacular composition and performance, man! You should be proud! Enjoy the guitar. HNGD!
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I would thank all of you guys individually but I can't figure out how to multi quote so..

Thanks so much guys, wow, what a bunch of great comments Well, it's definitely an import from Korea and it definitely won't put a PRS to shame but it plays fantastic after the new pickups and setup. I really appreciate all of the kind words over here. I'm a huge fan of Metallica and All that remains so it's cool that you guys hear influence there. I'm not very good at writing metal and lead stuff. Everytime I write music, it comes out like this. Thanks again guys, you've made smile!