So I use a Peavey JSX head through am ampeg 4x12 cab, when I play with my band I have to turn up it up to at least almost 10 on my channel volume and 7 or 8 on my master with that head it doesnt seem like I should have to turn it up to that just to hear myself over my drummer, I only turn my peavey studio pro 1x12 to 5 or 6 when I use that...

Any ideas as to whats going on? Could it have something to do with the tubes maybe? Maybe a better speaker cable between my head and cab?
Definitely sounds like the power tubes need to be replaced. Also make sure your speaker cable is adequate, and you're matching the cabs impedance to the head.
Ok, Thanks. The impedance is matched right, I am using a cheap-o speaker cable at the moment. And ill look into getting the tubes checked out, whats a ballpark price for getting new powertubes installed? This is my first tube amp, bought used and its a little over 2 years old.