I bought a used Peavey JSX 212 combo a bit over a month ago. I got a great deal on it ($675 when they're $1550 new), but the snag was that the potentiometer shaft for the treble control had been snapped off. It's still adjustable, but it's a pain to do so and it would look better/have more resale value if i replaced it.

I figure i can get the knobs online fairly easily, as well as the potentiometer. There are websites that carry peavey pc-mount potentiometers (which is what i'm assuming i'd need), but i'm not sure what kind to get. The Crunch and Ultra channels have active EQ's, but the clean channel does not.

So, what type of pot do i need?

Without a schematic, or opening the amp up, you cant tell. I tried to find a schematic, but had no luck. Maybe email Peavey?
well if your going to replace it you might as well open it up and find out
and since your going to remove it it shouldnt be too hard to do that now just keep track of what cables go where on it