So my mate wants me to buy his old Offset V guitar for like £50.
Is it a good idea to buy it, then re finish it and put new pickups and all that, even though im getting a new guitar for christmas?
I was gonna use Christmas and B-day money to mod it..
Ive never built before :/
And plus i can give the money to my mate so he can buy something for himself.
I think that's a reasonable deal. I don't really have any sence of what pounds are worth. Or is that symbol Euros?

But, what brand is it.
Also, you can never have too many guitars.
..I was watching my death.
if you cover sh*t in glitter, its still sh*t on the inside. same goes for having a no so good quality guitar and making it look good with a refinish and new pups. not worth the money.
Well £50 Is about...
Im not sure what brand yet, ill find out soon though
Never have to many guitars
Well, if you're already planning to get one and need the money for that... Don't just buy your mate's guitar because it's there and he's your mate. Make sure that you really want it and have a need for it. And that you can still pay for your new guitar if you get this one - maybe he could layby it for you, or you could pay him off gradually if you do get it?
Well My parents are gonna buy me a Yamaha RGX-A2

And my birthday is January 7th, so i was gonna buy my mates guitar with birthday money.
Or should I just mod my stratocaster? It's only a cheap strat MIM so
Orrr Should I get a new amp? To go with my new guitar?
Well you'll need a good amp to let your guitars fully shine, so if you don't have one I'd recommend that. It sounds like you're ok with spending money on either buying this guitar or modding your strat. Do you really WANT this guitar is the question I guess.
I think what I'm gonna do is; Get that Yamaha for christmas, buy a good amp for birthday, and if i have any money left from bday then ill do some mods on my strat
Speaking of amps, reccomend any good ones? only for practice?
That's more the realm of the guitar gear and accessories forum, post 6 of this thread has many different amps: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=278232

I personally can't recommend anything in particular due to the sheer number of amps out there, and the relatively few I've played. You can still ask in the Guitar Gear and Accessories forum, but might not get a straight answer.

Anyhow, sounds like a good plan!