Well what kind of paint would i use to paint my electric guitar? Would i need some sort of special paint, or what? also how would i go about painting it? im not wanting to paint the whole thing just maybe like a stripe or something for example, have u ever saw the orange stripes on bucket heads V? maybe something like that
You would need a special kind of paint, and also you would need to coat it with some protective layers maybe 4 or 5 times.
That's what I've heard anyways.
Maybe see if there's someone professional who can do it for you?
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It depends on what you want to paint; the color or colors you want and just how professional you want it to look. Eddie Van Halen famously painted his "Frankenstein" with a couple of cans of bicycle spray paint. Not very professional, but he was happy with it.

Most guitars with solid color (or colors) are painted with some form of automobile paint. The best is DuPont Imron, but it is also the most expensive and it is illegal in California (if that is where you live. Air Quality restrictions and such). You would use a paint spray gun, which you can get from any good automotive shop like Pep Boys. You'll need an air compressor to make it work.

To do a stripe, choose your color and mask off the stripe on the guitar body. Apply the paint in thin, even coats and allow each coat to dry before putting on the next one. Sand if necessary and finish with a good clear coat.

There are probably a lot of more detailed explanations in the Gear Building section of this forum.
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if you want to make it look the best, use nitro. if you want to do it on a budget and get the paint in town, use acrylic laquer. i have always liked duplicolor. bacically 3 light coats of prime (not necessarily solid color, its just to help it stick), enough body color so that you wont sand through it when wetsanding. the amount of clear depends on the nitro v. acrylic thing, then sand from 320 on clear to 4000, bufff with two or three stages of rubbing cmpd, and you will have it looking nicer than a guitar painted fresh off of the gibson line (that is if you use nitro).

i have painted over a dozen guitars. i have only used nitro once, but that guitar turned out the best.
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