I am a intermediate guitar player and I've been playing about 4 years. I feel its time to start jamming with other people and to get a band going. I'm into Melodic Death Metal as well as more mainstream modern stuff. I'm looking for people that are moderate beginner to intermediate level. I am looking for people that a reasonably local to the Benfleet/Canvey area so that we can meet up without too much travelling. Ideally I am looking for people over 25, but will concider younger players if committed enough. Please PM me if you are interested, with your age and what you play (ie lead, rhythm bass,drums.)


hi there

im a 25yr old vocalist from london and wondered if you were interested in doing something together, i can also play abit of guitar but im mostly a frontman,im in to mainly metal but open to so many styles its unberleiverble,i do loads of song writing but fed up of doing solo stuff and want a band again to share this experience with, i write lyrics and songs with ease
if interested it will be easier to email me

Just as an option, im younger (17 years) but im into melodic death metal and im near the area (Cambridge,Suffolk)
I play mainly lead but also am capable of rhythm
Just been thinking the same as you, im tired of playin all by myself so i wanna get out and show what i can do