So im gonna buy a new amp soon and i need a speaker cable between the amp and cabinet . The thing is i dont know nothing about what kind of cable i should buy .
I dont need it to be 20 meters or something like that .


There are cables i can buy , if these are the right cables i need .
So please tell me which cable I should get ?
No I think you will need standard guitar cable plugs. (6.3mm Mono ?)

You won't need much length at all. You will however need quality unless you don't mind your tone suffering.
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I've always made my speaker cables out of power extension cables. You just cut hem to length and solder a 6.3 mm plug on each end. They are always good quality twisted pair copper wire (well, 3 wires but you just cut off the third wire) capable of handling 10 amps. If they can handle 10 amps at 240V they are loafing as speaker cables. They last forever and sound as good as expensive speaker cables - as long as you can solder.
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