Hey. Well, basically I want to record at home, blah blah blah. The way I've been doing it so far is sticking a mic in front of my amp, connecting the mic to the mic input on my laptop and recording into Audacity. I only play guitar, so all the bass, drum and synth tracks are done via computer. There's a song on my profile that was recorded using that method.

However, I'm still not happy with the recording. It was my birthday recently, so I've got a bit of money, and I'm trying to decide whether I should keep saving up for a Line 6 P.O.D of some description, or if I should go for a better microphone and maybe mixer board of some kind. I don't have a lot of money though, so keep that in mind. Money-wise the P.O.D seems to be the best choice, but will I get better sound with a mic and mixer/pre-amp? If so, what should I get?

Any advice would be nice guys, I'm just trying to get records of a good enough quality to record demos and the like, in the hope of attracting band members to play with me and eventually, hopefully, labels, etc. Thank you in advance for reading
Well I can safely say, don't go with a mixer...it's pointless for your use.

Look into audio interfaces. Line6 makes some great starter units which have amp and effect modeling software as well.
also see the resources thread for a list of videos on recording for different budget ranges.

Although PreSonus interfaces sound good, they are quite high in price and their drivers are quite iffy for most people. My PreSonus FP10 has been giving me issues since day one...so annoying.
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I have a USB audio interface by a brand called Presonus, and a Shure SM58. That works well for me.
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