There we go!

"Quadtracking thingy" it's in my profile, tips on mix etc are appreciated. Also it is a little sloppy at times because the last part of the riff is a bit weird and its hard to get it exactly right. I didn't really try hard, though....

unusual fusion of genres, sounds pretty cool. keep the stuff coming
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Keyboards sound very nice, what are they? I think your guitar playing is tight timing-wise, but I'm not so sure it goes with the keyboards melody-wise at times (when you hit some of the higher notes on guitar, it sounds out of key to me, unless you purposely going for something a bit discordant). I listened to it 4 times. Each time I heard it, I got more used to some of the higher guitar notes. Drums sound good. Song could be longer. Please review my music at this link:

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Keyboards were all NI Massive this time, normally I use Absynth and/or others but Massive is doing a great job. In fact this is Massive combined with Synplant, now that I think of it.

I am going for something a bit dissonant with the little run at the end of the riff

Of course the song could be longer, this is just an idea

Thanks for the compliments!