Sooooo Paul Gilbert is playing near me and I love all his stuff and definately want to go, but my friends won't go if he plays (what they call) 'shitty instrumental stuff' so does anyone know what he usually plays nowadays? Thanks !
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Seriously... tell your friends to **** off and go alone.


Chances are you will meet other people who have the same musical interests as you which means you will have more people to go to other gigs with (Y)
He's tended to play songs with vocals in the mix aswell from what ive seen on youtube..he definately communicates with the crowd
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Well, he just released a new album Fuzz Universe earlier this year so I imagine he'd be playing a fair amount off of that album.


Nothing Paul does is "shitty instrumental stuff". I've been dying to see him for so long but he never comes around. Seriously just go, who gives a shit if you're going alone, you're going there for the music. Paul always puts on an amazing show.
Ive seen him twice in the last few years, he loves to play his new stuff (obviously) but does throw in some older classics from older albums.

Last time I saw him he even did Technical Difficulties, Scarified and some Mr. Big song. Glad I took a spare pair of boxers...