im currently studying A2 Music and part of my course is to perform 12-15mins worth of grade 6 pieces.
However, apart from some Rockschool pieces (which I currently don't have, but am getting) I have no ideas. Could anyone thats done this or knows of any piece suggest any pieces I could do?

Thanks In Advance,
Like bass solo pieces that are 12-15 minutes long?

Im not even sure that exists (maybe it does, but i've never heard of it).
Bass Solo pieces, I have no idea, but I'm sure a Dream Theater song would be fine...
Or anything off De-Loused in the Crematorium by the Mars Volta. Flea played in that and they have some epicly long tunes.

Or even an Iron Maiden song.
I don't know what a grade 6 piece means, but maybe At Giza from Om would fit ?
uh guys, it can be more than one song??? (i studied it)

lacquer head - primus is an excellent song to cover for slap bass.
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Key word there is pieces.

I did a couple of Grade 8 pieces, a Grade 6 and sang for my A2 performance. Could have sworn it was a longer time requirement when I did it a couple of years...

Ah well. Could look at songs like Portrait of Tracy, Moonlight Sonata, that sort of thing.
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I dont think Tracy is a grade 6 :/

I thought 6 was the highest? (well in orchestra it is...)
Grade 8 is the highest. If it were me, I would play a grade 6 piece, and play it well. I personally don't find the point in playing pieces as beautiful and intricet as Portrait of Tracy, because what are the chances that the examiner being a bassist themselves and actually understanding how hard that Dream Theater piece is? I wouldn't take the risk of potentially messing up such a hard song, when you could get by just as well playing a grade 6 standard piece.

Play one or two pieces out of the grade book, and may I suggest another piece such as Hysteria?
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Grade 8? I thought 6 was highest and 7 exists but is almost unheard of, and even that was a bit of a stretch.

edit: Nvm, I guess grade 8 does exist. That sounds pretty freaking tough.
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In the UK we have to tiers of exams in Secondary school (high school), GCSEs at 16, AS levels at 17 and A levels at 18. You can also leave secondary school when you're 16 and do your AS and A levels in college. After that it's university.
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Ohh! So its a UK thing no wonder I had never heard of it. I think the only thing we have here is All-States but that's by audition, not a required exam.
I would do pieces. Three pieces and choose from a variety of genres to show that you can play different styles. A good way to do it is to choose a classical piece, a jazz piece and a modern piece. Do three about 5 mins or less.

Now with a classical piece you could go solo or surely(i dont know about the uk system but in ireland we can have accompanient) get a piano or similiar accompanient to play with you. Theirs so many pieces out their to choose from.

A jazz piece can be in straight time no need to show of. Simply play the head, walk the line, solo and finish with the head. Something like autumn leaves, straight no chaser or anyother standard jazz piece is usable.

A modern piece is simply anything that you enjoy playing all the time. But have a bit of variety with it, you know.

Can you have other musicians play with you?
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sorry for double post. This is the grade syllabus from the association board of music, which is one of the world wide recognised grading systems.


Thats for double bass but it gives you an idea of the standard for classical music.
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Thanks for the help guys!

fatgoogle - backing track only sadly.

Im gonna wait for the grade 6 pieces at least, maybe hysteria or portrait of tracy as well like!
Ive just been told today that I need to prepare a piece tomorrow for a little assesment to check my progress; anything that can I could probably near-perfect in a night? It can be a bit less in grade, grade 5 or grade 4 IF its really impressive in skill/technique.

Help would be GREATLY appreciated.
Is it a Rock School Grade 5 book you have? Use one of the easier pieces from that, they're pretty easy to get down in a day.
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thanks for that, ive just seen it sorry!

I decided on Maxwell Murder and got it alright actually; perfect apart from a little section in the solo.

Thanks for all the help everyone!