Sell'n some practice gear!
Everything's been well taken care of and kept in a smoke free home.

First is my Vintage Modern combo [dark purple tolex]... It's pretty much sat in the same spot ever since i got it and I just recently had it re-tubed with a new set of JJ 66's and 12ax7's. I'll also throw in a new pair of Tung-Sol's as well.

Second is a THD Hot Plate [8ohm] that I've been using with the VM so I can keep the volume considerably low and still crank it up. I'd like to sell this with the amp cause you really need to turn the VM up to at least 3 for it to open up imo.

And third; is a mint MXR Phase90 Script Re-issue [csp101-sl] with absolutely no playability/cosmetic issues.


Marshall 2266c - 1000 + Shipping [Will trade for a Laney VH100R!]
THD Hot Plate - 250 + Shipping
MXR Phase 90 - 75 + Shipping

PayPal and CONUSA only.
Please PM me with any questions
Interested in any trades for the phaser? Or lowering the price?
I have a boss ge-7 or a bbe sonic stomp that i could trade.
My gear-
Schecter C-1 Classic
Mesa Boogie 2 Ch. Dual Rectifier(blackface)
Avatar 2x12- v30s
And some pedals

For sale Minty Ibanez RGA7 seven string with tour grade hsc $330+s/h or best offer!
PM me if interested

R.I.P Ashley S. Jean
would you be willing to trade the hot plate + mxr for a guitar? any of these will do.


2266c - $900 Shipped
Hot Plate - $250 Shipped
Phase 90 - $70 - Shipped