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Been writing this for a while, forgot about it, but finally tried to finish it up today. The solo was done by vulcan422 from the last thread i made

wasnt really going for strictly rock or metal here, so im not 100 percent sure what I would call this- but my influences on this song would be mainly Billy Talent, Kalmah, Alexisonfire, and a few other bands im forgetting. Anyways, drop a comment if you listen, and ill try to c4c as fast as i can. Enjoyz!
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that kicked ass

that was perfect, flawless. 8.75/10

i wish i could specify a particular area that wasn't good or was notably awesome, but there's nothing that doesn't work, and its all awesome

edit: im not gonna ask you listen to mine, as i didn't provide any real criticism for you >.>
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Just by influences and style you said, I shouldn't probably like this song. But, it's really quite awesome. I absolutely loved your use of chords, mainly, and how you tied them into the riffs. All the riffs, for that matter, were great; even the main one despite just being a pedal point riff.

Only thing I would say needs improvement is the solo... Perhaps lengthen it, and give it more direction/flow?
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Overall I quite liked the song. I only have one thing to point out though. The tempo change from the solo to Bridge I didn't work at all in my opinion. It seems way out of place. However, after that things are still pretty good. I loved the idea of the "slow motion" riff and I think it worked wonderfully.
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I just wanted to note that the Intro and Main riff sounded way too similar to Unholy Confessions by Avenged Sevenfold.

Otherwise, awesome song is awesome
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As I listen:
The main riff. To be honest, I hated it, it was just so generic and everything. Even with the harmony, it didnt really do anything for me. The next was a little more enjoyable though. Riff III was a nice little riff, I loved those octaves in bar 16. I couldnt really handle bar 20 though, it was just too dissonant for me. Then the main riff comes and it still doesnt really do anything for me.

The solo, while written well, wasnt great for me, I just never really like solos played over riffs, theres usually not much melody, as was the case here, but its so short that its perfectly fine. I didnt like the chromtic-y bit at bar 30 though. Bridge I was awesome, I think the tempo change worked too. In bridge II, thats slide didnt sound that good, but that might be the MIDI there. Riff IV was pretty awesome too.

The Outro was good too, but I cant help but feel that the song was way too short. It didnt seem to o anywhere to be honest. It just seemed like it had much more stuff to it. For example, the Bridge I part was my favorite section, and it only appeared for two bars. Im all for songs that have little repetition and all that, but it didnt really work here, it didnt go anywhere. To make it much better, I think a strong chorus-like section would be great after Riff IV and before the outro. It just didnt seem like a good place to end it.

Overall, it was a pretty good song, Im sorry that I seemed so negative, theres just a lot of room for improvement in my opinion. I can tell that youre a good songwriter from the riffs though, some of them were awesome! But as a song, I think it needs more dynamics, some change in mood, or something like that. Anyways, I hope I helped, do you think you could look at a song in my sig?
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I thought that the intro riff was NOT generic metalcore sounding. Sure, the drums gave it that feel, but the guitar I part was definitely pretty unique. I thought the hammer notes were wrong, but the more I listen to them the better it sounds. Some of the drum parts definitely sounded very Children Of Bodom-esque, neat. Riff II was cool, however I thought guitar II could have been spiced up a bit (measures 9-12 have too many uses of that b note). Its a cool riff just hearing that note over and over gets a little repetitive. The Kalmah influences really shine in Riff III, and measure 16 sounds amazing! Great Guitar II part! The drum part that comes in at measure 16 with the ride cymbal sounds sick as well, definitely something kalmah or cob would do. However the 1 measure transfer at measure 20 sounded kinda off....

Solo was alright, I guess. I saw what you were trying to do with the slo-mo version of Riff III, but I think the drum part should be touched up a bit to add a little something extra to the second playthrough of the riff, just my opinion. The second Bridge and Riff IV were decent too. I thought the outro was kind of short and anti-climactic, the ending of the song seemed to just show up. The bands that you list as influences often have definitive, epic endings to the songs (i know COB does cadences alot or end with a guitar harmony while bass and drums accent on downbeat)

overall a cool collection of ideas, and I think it has the potential to be a good song. However as it stands its only about 2 minutes long, which is a tad short for a regular track. There are few sections that I thought could be tweaked just a bit to keep the energy high and the song flowing well. Also, do you have any plans on adding vocals to the song, or is it just an instrumental, and would that require you to add any new parts to the song? Yea these are all just questions to think about depending on what you want to do with it. 6/10 it has inspired riffs and cool ideas but needs to be finished for moar epix!!!

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