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i think its pretty badass tell me how i can make it better. The string section was originally bagpipes but guitarpro makes them sound awful.
C4C of course. thanks for looking
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tbh, i didn't like the violin part at the beginning. maybe its just me, but its too weird to be enjoyable to listen to. the part at bar 5 is good though.

the grooves part kicks ass

at around bar 69, i got kind of tired of the relentless nonstop fast stuff. maybe try throwing in a few sustained notes to mix it up?

other then that, no complaints, good job. 7.5/10

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Not too keen on the intro and the first riff tbh, maybe its just not my thing.

I do like the groove riffs however, the string section over the top makes it really atmospheric, and I like the Arabian style melodies.

Same with the bridge, good use of the string section over cool riffs.

The chorus is a bit too much of an onslaught of fast notes for me, needs some break or shifts in rhythm imo.

Really like the section bridge, the changing rhythms is really nice effect! That's the sort of dynamics i was waiting for.

The string break at 97 was good, but I feel you could improve it a bit maybe, and I thought the onslaught of open C's was a bit overkill

Even though it's really my type of music, I thought it was pretty sweet. Great job
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Thanks for the crit man. ill be critting as i go

The first viloin part is begging to sound amazing, and has potential but the rythm is just kinda weird

I like the rest of the intro though

bars 17-23 really had a nice feel to it
Loved the groove section after that
The bridge was okay, but i liked the violin harmony
I really like how the violin took the lead in the chorus, it gives it such an eerie feel
Groove same as above
I liked the second bridge lest then the first but still ok
Agaisn with the chourse...same as above

Overall pretty solid, im not much into the genre but it was still very good 7.5/10